What is Rate This Uni?

     This article is about why we built this website and the problems we might have in the future.  The idea of Ratethisuni.com is from the American website named RateMyProfessors.com and RateMyDorm.com. A few months ago, we came across a YouTuber named Jedcal who made the website named RateMyDorm.com and he inspired me to build my website. With the existence of professor and dormitory. We got the idea of this website right away, the website is named RateThisUni.com because any other domain was taken. The main purpose of Ratethisuni.com is to let students have a platform to voice out their opinions and let the high school graduates have an idea about their choices.

     Someone might ask, what’s the difference between RateThisUni.com and any other university ranking website?  The difference between RateThisUni.com and sites like QS and TIMES is, Ratethisuni.com allows you to leave your comment on this platform, it doesn’t matter it’s good or it’s bad, as long as it is rational, it will be shown on the site. Secondly, Ratethisuni.com is not a university ranking website, we solely provide a platform for students to voice out their opinions, and we are not able to rank these universities just by what students think. Lastly, Ratethisuni.com only focuses on universities in Malaysia, unlike the other sites, we put all our effort into students in Malaysia, hence we will do our best to include every university on our website.
     I believe that most Malaysians are familiar with the education system in Malaysia, if you are not, I will explain it briefly here. Due to this poorly designed education system in Malaysia, some of the students are not sure that if they will gain admission to a government university even though they have good results. Besides that, because of the education system, makes those who study public sixth form has slower path than students in private school, let’s take the foundation students as an example, they enter university at the age of 19, but the sixth form students will only enter university at the age of 20. This one-year gap, is unacceptable in this “kiasu” environment in Asia, especially for Chinese parents. Next, look at the STPM exam, according to what I have seen, the marking scheme of the exam is very inconsistent, the correct answer for this time might be wrong for the next time. I am very relatable to this situation as I once receive only 37 marks for Moral in SPM. Normally, these are the reasons why people chose to study in private schools instead of public.
(These are just my personal thought, if you disagree with me,you are welcomed to contact us and post your idea here!)
     Back to the topic, these reasons caused students to study in private schools like TARUC, Taylor’s, INTI, etc. But, unlike the public university that need to apply through a system called UPU and students will only be given one option at the end, students have the chance to pick their schools from in the private sector. This leaves students one problem, which is “Which University Should I Choose?!”. Now, I present to you, RateThisUni.com, just click on the university you are interested in, read the comments from the students or ex-students, and pick the school you like the most. Of course, public schools students could also browse RateThisUni.com before applying to a public university and take the information as a reference.
     Wait, then why don’t we just use those famous platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc? Sure, you can use those platforms, and those platforms might have information that is much more useful than what we have. You can think of Ratethisuni.com as a centre of information that saves you time as you do not need to waste time digging for info from the various platform. You might have seen the news about student complaints about the management of his university, when something like this happened, students can voice out their opinions on our platform, and make the newcomers think twice before they make their decision. Sometimes it might even reach the management of the school, make them improve on a certain matter.
    And now we have come to what problem RateThisUni.com might encounter, the first one would be legal issues, a platform such as Ratethisuni.com tends to be taken legal actions by universities. As an example, if someone posts a review that might affect the reputation of a school, that particular university will be very likely to take legal actions on RateThisUni.com. Education is a big business after all, by losing one student, the university might lose a few thousand, or even a few hundred thousand of income. Take MalaysiaKini as an example, due to a few malicious comments of users, the platform had to pay a total of RM500,000 fine. So, to avoid something like this from happening, we can only do our best to remove some overly radical comments and wish that users do not leave a comment like this. (If you own any of the institutions on our website but you do not like how we present it, do contact us and we will make it right for you.) Secondly, the problem of maintaining the website. It is a fact that website maintenance is not free, developer has to pay a certain amount of money to keep it running. If RateThisUni.com does not reach the expected result in one or two years, we will have to consider taking down the site.
    In a conclusion, Ratethisuni.com is a PLATFORM for students to voice out their opinions and high school graduates to pick the university they like the most. For every single comment on the platform, they are posted by students themselves, Ratethisuni.com solely provides a platform for students and RateThisUni.com is not responsible for the comments on this platform. Wish that everyone be rational while leaving a comment, thank you all。
--Ying Qi


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